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Welcome to Monkees Slash here on Live Journal!

Basically, this community is for lovers of The Monkees and slash fic to combine their loves in creative outputs like fics, poems, sketches, paintings and so on. Really, if it's creative and to do with the "pre-fab" four, then I want to see it :) There's no limit to what you can do - the fics don't have to be based on the characters they were in the show, just as they don't have to be Real Person slash. Go crazy and set whatever plot you want to it.

Some Guidelines:
1. Treat other members with respect. Constructive criticism encouraged, but blatant flaming or hostilty won't be tolerated.
2. Whack up a disclaimer with your fics. I don't think anyone associated with The Monkees is going to get lawyer happy if they ever stumble across this place, but have it up as a just in case.
3. Put fics behind a cut, same goes for large pics you may post. It's easier on people's friend's lists and it keeps the place looking tidy - because remember, the cleaning lady only comes the second Tuesday of every month with an 'r' in it.
4. Give your fics a rating - G through to NC17. I'm not closing this site to people under 18, if they choose to read slash fic, that's their right. But let them have a basic idea of what they're getting into.
5. No stealing work off other Monkees slash websites and posting them here as your own. Likewise, no stealing fics from here and sending them to Monkees slash sites as your own, unless you actually did write them. It won't be tolerated.
6. For garden's seed, have fun!!

Created and moderated by mindmangler
Any questions, comments or suggestions, email them to me at tangerineweaver@gmail.com

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